GeoSteeringServices → Petrophysics


The company provides the following petrophysical services:  

  • Development of database on the existing well stock, assessment of logging quality, data typification and standardization;
  • Interpretation of the core analysis results, construction of Core-Core links, Core-logging links, reservoir petrophysical model development;  
  • Interpretation of the open hole logging – wireline logging, logging while drilling. Interpretation of the basic logging suite, extended logging suite, working with domestically produced and foreign-made instruments, including for working with wellbore wells images (electrical, acoustical);       
  • Development of recommendations on optimal logging suite taking into account the specific features of the field and the Customer’s goals and objectives    
  • Interpretation method preparation taking into account the logging suite used at the field   
  • Reprocessing and reinterpretation of logging data for the drilled well stock   
  • Petrophysical support in the process of well drilling (24/7)
    • Operational conclusions in the process of drilling with periodic sequence established by the Customer
    • Final interpretation of logging data

All petrophysical operations are performed with the use of Geonaft Petrophysics module software.