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Wellbore Stability Module

Module of wellbore wall stability allows the engineer to obtain a detailed view of near-wellbore stresses distribution. The results of calculations allow defining optimal window of drilling fluid window, instability intervals and to optimize the casing scheme.

Applying the results of geomechanical calculations allows offsetting negative factors related to drilling through zones of abnormally high formation pressure or low fracture gradient, low wellbore walls stability, formations subsidence, induced seismic activity, penetration through fractured reservoirs, sand ingress during development.

Horizontal stresses

The module allows performing calculation of minimal pressure for prevention of wellbore walls collapse and calculation of maximal pressure for fracturing prevention.

Prediction pressure curves allow defining the drilling fluid weight window as well as identifying the instability intervals and possible circulation loss.

Wellbore stability

In addition to calculation of profiles of stresses along the well bore it is possible to calculate near-wellbore stresses distribution for specified depth. Obtained information allows seeing the dependence of wellbore stability from zenith angle and azimuth and thus defining the optimal direction of well drilling.

Well design optimization

Calculated results allow defining the best depth points of casing strings setting and thus optimizing the well design and costs.