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Petrophysics Module

Module of petrophysical interpretation allows performing operational interpretation in real-time mode, as well as final interpretation of logging curves. Designed as an integral part of “Geonaft” software package, the module functionality may be used in design models of other modules.

Using the functionality of petrophysical module allows enhancing significantly precision and quality of well placement. Information update on porosity & permeability properties in real-time mode allows targeting the well trajectory along the most productive parts of formation.

Combined geosteering and petrophysical model allows obtaining most precise evaluations of porosity & permeability properties of the horizontal well formation in real-time mode.

Log View

Log view of petrophysics module allows displaying information in different format in vertical tracks. In addition to logging curves, images, descrete measurements and geological zones specified by the user, any predicted curves, lithology columns, saturation columns, three-dimensional rock model are also displayed. At that all the information in the log view is updated in real-time mode every time new data comes in.

Petrophysical calculator

Petrophysical calculator has a wide range of in-built functions and allows calculating any analytical dependence based on basic logs. Basic mathematical functions are available as well as a variety of special methods of calculation aimed at solving specific tasks.

The calculator allows creating users’ curves and editing the previously created ones. It can work with standard and discrete log curves.

Petrophysical calculator provides a large quantity of in-built functions. New functions may be added at users’ request.

Series of calculations

Working with a series of calculations is intended for rapid performing of a set of calculations previously created by the user. It is possible to save current design calculations in a separate file and load them in another design.

Library of calculations

Library of calculations involves a set of previously described algorithms of petrophysical calculations. The library may be extended with a set of algorithms specified by the user.

Preliminary data preparation

Preparation of data for petrophysical calculations is one of the most important stages of work. Petrophysical module and modules of work with “Geonaft” software package data provide a wide functionality for initial data processing – data cross-link, tie, filtration.

Real-time data

All the user curves are updated automatically when new data comes in or when the data which the calculations are based upon is changed. At the same time, the data area of user curve will not be updated if manual corrections were introduced in the result of calculation.