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Geosteering Module

The CS module allows geosteering based on comparison actual and synthetic logs. A distinctive aspect of the method is that it does not require expensive images for dips’ calculation and may well prove yourself even if geologist has GR curve only. Synthetic log is constructed on the basis of two-dimensional reservoir’ model based on the well’s trajectory, dips, and structural bending formation of lateral heterogeneities thickness layers.

In short, this method can be described as four successive steps

  1. The construction of a 2-dimensional planar-cross formation model
  2. The calculation of synthetic logs along the drilled well path
  3. The actual and synthetic logs matching while drilling
  4. The model upgrading, the formation structure angle prognosis

The result is the definition of the bore stratigraphic position in the formation, as well the formation structure prognosis.

The actual horizontal well log is matched with the model synthetic log; then the model is upgraded for the maximum matching of the synthetic and actual logs. Thus, the wellbore stratigraphic position in the formation is defined and the formation structure performance is predicted basing on its regional dip angle and actual and synthetic logs matching. If necessary, the horizontal well path is corrected while drilling.


  • builds an 2D reservoir model in real time
  • does not require costly azimuthal measurements
  • simple and intuitive graphic interface allows easy communication between geologist conducting the drilling support and the drilling team
  • combines a geological model of the reservoir, petrophysical properties and the actual well logging to plan optimal well path