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Version history

“Geonaft” version 3

“Geonaft” version

  • New design of the Petrophysical Calculator;

  • In the QiDip module Implemented display on the tracks "Dip angle" and "Apparent dip";

  • Implemented the image smiles and notch angle on the trajectory in CS;

  • Release the function "Fault";

  • Implemented the function "Tooltip" in CS;

  • Implemented the function "Measurements of the profile" in CS;

  • Implemented the function "Deviation from the plan" in CS;

  • Release module “Realtime”;

“Geonaft” version

  • New design of the program;

  • Partially implemented module Petrophysics;

  • Partially implemented module Azimutal Log;

  • Added the function of creating Well design, Targets, Decisions and Annotations, using the context menu of the trajectory on the layer;

  • • New design of the Program Tree. Visually it is visible in what elements of a tree there are data in which there is no;

“Geonaft” version

  • Added new functions to the context menu of the track in the CS module;

  • Added new functions to the context menu of the track in the CР module;

  • The function of the context menu of the trajectory in CS on the section is added;

  • Added function of the context menu of markers in CS on the section;

  • Implemented new design image Well design on a layer;

  • Added the ability to change the max / min values for curves, when moving a ruler (in the extended scale mode);

“Geonaft” version

  • New version of the program Geonaft 3.0;

  • Release module Cross Section;

  • Release module Correlation Panel;

  • It is implemented the function “Undo/Redo” for Cross-Section Module;

  • Release the opportunity to swap the tracks of wells in the module Correlation Panel;

  • The checkboxes of the selected elements are activated, for convenience of working with the Program Tree;

“Geonaft” version 2


  • export surface along trajectory;
  • new feature: *.zmap" surfaces loading;
  • new feature: DLIS loading;
  • new feature: image paste in the report;
  • some little improvements.

«Geonaft» 2.0.39

  • added new vertical  scale in CS;

  • new feature: markers of the actual well is mapping on the trajectory;

  • fixed bug in report, target layer's calculation and dicision table.

«Geonaft» 2.0.38:

  • new feature: HF points mapping;
  • feature: generating report in CS window;
  • fixed bugs in report and Section paint;
  • improved "*.las" and traj files loading with use "short data loader";
  • increased the well (and trajectory and curve) creating's speed.


  • new feature: annotations visability;
  • improoved report (added top target, bottom target in the report's table and so on);
  • some little improvements.


  • improoved the dicisionion's table;
  • fixed bugs in CS and Data Editor;
  • fixed the change width's operation of CS tree.


  • new: last survey shows in report autmatically;
  • CS, CP and QDip's scales mapping in report;
  • The scale of vertical charts is mapping by reference trajectory data in CS;
  • fixed restoring scale in CP.


  • new feature "Generate Report";
  • new feature "Disicion";
  • new type of horizontal chart: Lithology;
  • new feature "view from above";
  • fixed bugs in Data editor;
  • fixed the chart's width change.


  • fixed discrete curve paint.


  • new feature: trajectory for surface projection in CS;

  • improoved discrete curve's mapping
  • improved RT if the connection to server was broken.


  • new: discrete curves in CS;

  • new: connetion to proxy server;

  • new: progress bar (indicator of performing operations);

  • imporved "Data Editor" .

«Geonaft» 2.0.31

  • new setting: Precision;

  • new feature in CS: Show label on the threshold;

  • paint for each chart curve, separately;

  • increased the Geonaft speed in general;
  • improved the width of horizontal chart's changing;
  • fixed auto-synchronization in RT;
  • improved Geonaft's stability in general.

«Geonaft» 2.0.30

  • increased "short data loader" speed;

  • updated algoritms of the "make structural model from surface" instrument;
  • improved image dips in CS;
  • min\max values of log curves are set automatically

«Geonaft» 2.0.29

  • image mapping to the last point of the active trajectory;

  • the surface's name  automatically mapping;

  • incresed the Geonaft stability in general;
  • increased the main module speed;
  • improved synchronization with servers;
  • image dip's auto remapping in CS.