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PP & FG Module

The module is intended for calculation of formation pressure values and frac gradient. Calculations may be performed for already drilled (evaluation) wells, as well as for wells in drilling. All the calculations are updated in real-time mode every time new data comes in.

Using the functionality of formation pressure calculation module allows calculating the prediction pressures profile with accentuation of the interval of pressures growth start and abnormally high formation pressure areas, as well as to perform operational update in the process of drilling. This allows minimizing possible risks emerging at well construction.

Overburden pressure

Calculation of overburden pressure is performed through integrating the density log. Functionality on extrapolation of density log to well head level is available, as well as on synthetic density modeling.

Pore pressure

In the present time the pore pressure calculation can be performed using the following methods:

1. Eaton

2. Bower's

The set of methods is growing along with issuing new versions of the module.

Calculations QC

When performing calculations it is important to have a possibility to compare the calculated results with what was obtained in adjacent wells. Module of formation pressure calculation allows selecting wells with which the comparison will be made and display the corresponding prediction curves from these wells on a separate track.

Fracture gradient

In the current version of the module the hydraulic fracture gradient may be calculated with the use of Matthews-Kelly formula.