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Mechanical Properties & Stresses Module

The module is designed to calculate the mechanical properties of formation rocks and stresses. Calculations can be performed for both drilled (reference) wells, planned trajectories and currently drilled wells. For wells in drilling, all calculations are updated in real time. The module provides a wide range of built-in calculation algorithms, as well as the ability to enter user equations with a petrophysical calculator.

The results of calculations can be used in any other modules of Geonaft, including wellbore stability module. The calculation of the mechanical properties of rocks and the values of horizontal stresses is one of the main steps of 1D geomechanical model construction.

Mechanical Stratigraphy

Mechanical properties of rocks and stresses calculation module allows the use of different algorithms for different geological zones and mechanical facies. In order to account for the influence of various sedimentation processes on the mechanical properties of rocks and their behavior under stresses calculations can be done separately for different geological zones.

Facies selection is necessary because of the specificity of the applied calculation algorithms for each mechanical facies.

Mechanical Properties

Calculation of mechanical properties of rocks includes the following values:

  • Dynamic Young's modulus

  • Dynamic Poisson's ratio

  • Dynamic shear modulus

  • Dynamic bulk modulus

  • Static Young's modulus

  • Static Poisson's ratio

  • Biot elastic constant


Calculation of strength properties includes the following values:

  • UCS

  • Friction angle

  • Tensile Strength

The built-in functionality allows to perform the necessary calibration of the results.

Horizontal stresses

As a result of stress calculation, we obtain the values of the minimum and maximum horizontal stresses. Calculations are performed using a pore-elastic model.