Geonaft 3.6, new version of software


Geonaft 3.6, new version of software

In March 2020, we updated and released a new version of Geonaft (Version 3.6), which added two new modules – Stress Analysis and Report Designers - and expanded the existing functionality of this exceptional software package.

New modules

Stress analysis module

The Stress Analysis module is designed to assess the in-situ stress state and horizontal stress directions. This allows to improve understanding in-situ stress state and horizontal stress directions for projects with the presence of images for several wells with breakouts or drilling induced tensile fractures.

Report Designer module

allows for the creation and configuration of report templates and their use in operational work to support well drilling, compiling any combination of data you might need in the report form you prefer.

New functionality

A lot of new functionality has also been added to various other elements of Geonaft 3.6, including the following:

Curve Database

Curve Database includes: curves classes and subclasses introduced in SP, default settings for curves subclasses (curve color, minimum and maximum value). We’ve also added an automatic definition of classes and subclasses. 


Has added units conversion for the well trajectory, logs and is available for immediate access by the rest of the well. Additionally, the application now recognizes any variant of unit measurements.

Data Loader

Now you can determine depth measurements (both automatically and manually) and change the name of the curve during loading. 

1D Geomechanics module 

Has the ability to create and save different calculation options, and return to previous version 

Pore ​​Pressure module 

We modified vertical stress calculation method 

Added ability to use the trend of normal compaction from another well. 

The expanded list of methods for forecasting abnormally high pore pressure, includes the D-exponent and the Bowers method, taking into account a reduced load zone. 

Added Reservoir pressure calculation with a constant gradient from a set point or marker 

Ability to save multiple calculation options and the ability to return to them has also been added to the ‘Pore ​​Pressure’ module.

New function in ‘Calculator’ 




‘Correlation’ module expanded with curve displays in the direction of drilling

Setting up a geosteering model for a horizontal evaluation well

Other improved elements include сcommon axis properties in the ‘Map’ module and hiding ribbon.

The advanced features won’t stop there; we are already working on new ways to improve Geonaft to deliver a product that enables your operation even more efficient, productive and capable.