Geosteering Technologies company took part in KOGS 2017 - the largest specialized event in Kuwait for experts of oil and gas industry.

KUWAIT OIL & GAS SHOW 2017 (KOGS 2017) has an international status and is held with the official support of the Government of Kuwait (Ministry of Oil) and national corporation Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. The three-day industrial event consolidates exhibition and conference organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). 

More than 200 of top international and Middle East companies, including Saudi Aramko, Siemens AG, Zarubezhneft have demonstrated new products, equipment and services to more than five thousand professionals visited KOGS 2017. The whole range of equipment and technologies for production of oil resources, drilling, development, exploration, testing and operation of oil and gas wells was demonstrated.

The leading specialists in oil production, exploration, service and research and production companies of the region have shown their high interest towards the booth and services of Geosteering Technologies. The company has received several business proposals from agent companies, including KYF and GOFSCO.

“Middle East is a strategically important geography for the development of company's business. It was nice to see that Russian technologies are given such a high interest by representatives of oil and gas industry in the region. However, Kuwait market has a specific nature and to begin an active expansion to it, one must ensure the support from local partners and agents, which can help to enter into a cooperation with perhaps the only one producer there - Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). We are glad that our first meeting with the industrial community of the country which make the top three oil-producing countries in the region, turned to be so productive," Anton Ocheretyaniy, the expert of Geosteering technologies company, said.