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Geosteering Technologies (GTI) is a one of the leading Russian vendor of software for “smart drilling”. Being a technology expert in the sphere of geosteering, geomechanics and petrophysics, the company provides integrated and modular software solutions and renders services of remote drilling support on their basis. 

With the help of software products of Geosteering Technologies over 1000 horizontal and directional wells were drilled. Our clients include Gazpromneft, Rosneft, Slavneft, Bashneft, Lukoil and other oil & gas and oil related service companies.

Why GTI?

We understand well the demands of the industry and have taken them into consideration while creating our product:   

  • our clients have different goals, that is why we do not create a fully packaged product, but an individual solution. We put special emphasis on the speed of response. On average it takes GTI specialists two weeks to create a small new tool as per customer’s requirements    
  • the client has an opportunity to control the quality of the provided data. Geonaft software package may be installed on customer’s hardware, and our company engineers will help with the data interpretation and model construction   
  • we created software platform, which combines geosteering, geomechanics and petrophysics. Thanks to such approach support while drilling is performed by one team, and not several departments independent from each other.   
  • our software does not require referеnce to specific hardware brand and is able to work with all domestic and foreign manufacturers of telemetry equipment. This allows reducing the customer’s costs, since it provides possibility of flexible approach to contractors’ selection.   
  • Geonaft software package is a modular product. Depending on the customer’s objectives, any of the modules can be purchased separately or as part of integrated solution.


Geosteering Technologies was established in 2011 by Russian geologists, physicists and mathematicians.  Today GTI is: 

  • a team of several dozens of professionals – developers, geologists, engineers;   
  • Russian and international expertize in the field of oil & gas technologies;   
  • offices in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Tyumen