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Geonaft 3.6, new version of software

In March 2020, we updated and released a new version of Geonaft (Version 3.6), which added two new modules – Stress Analysis and Report Designers - and expanded the existing functionality of this exceptional software package.


Geosteering Technologies changes its name to Geonaft company.

Geosteering Technologies is changing its name to Geonaft company — the same title as our key product, a software package which supports oilfield development. The company’s legal data will not change.


Geosteering Technologies Joins Zyfra Group of Companies

Geosteering Technologies has become a part of the Zyfra group of companies, the Finnish-Russian digital solutions provider. Geonaft, the key product of Geosteering Technologies, will complement the Zyfra line of innovations for the oil and gas industry and help implement developer’s plans to enter new markets.


Geosteering Technologies is at the most ambitious petroleum event of the year 2018!

SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition was held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention center on 24-26 September in Dallas, USA. This year ATCE gathered more than 8100 E&P professionals for three days of learning, networking, and collaborating on the collective goals of the industry.


Integrated engineering drilling support

Geonaft is one of the leading companies in the market of integrated engineering support for oil and gas wells drilling. We provide integrated solutions and services in the sphere of geosteering, geomechanics and petrophysics.

Our software package “Geonaft” is designed and developed as a modular platform, providing the widest possible range of tools required for data analysis at all the stages of well construction. In addition to wide analytical potential the software package is equipped with advanced means of visualization, allowing rapid analysis of the well situation by the engineer.

We provide service for geological, geomechanical and petrophysical simulation in the process of well construction. Our service covers all the stages of well construction: pre-drilling simulation, drilling support in real-time mode, analysis of drilling results and development of the final field model. The service is aimed at applying integrated engineering approach to optimizing well construction processes – well targeting in most promising sections and reducing well construction costs (minimizing drilling risks, selecting drilling parameters, selecting optimal well design, completion assembly, etc.).

In association with our partners we provide courses for engineers and geologists of oil and gas companies, dedicated to the basics of geosteering and applying “Geonaft” software package, in St. Petersburg and other cities.

Research activity is implemented with grant support of Skolkovo foundation.