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Geosteering Technologies provides the services for training users to operate the software package “Geonaft”. The training course includes the basics of geosteering.

Duration: 25 hours.

Location of training: St. Petersburg

The number of students in a group: 5-8 people.

Target Audience: geologists and specialists for supporting geological drilling.

Course methodology: The course includes lectures, subject presentation facility, author’s best practice and a large number of practical tasks.

The course content: see the attached file "The detailed course content".

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • have a basic knowledge of the horizontal wells construction and horizontal wells sidetracking;
  • get in-depth knowledge of the geological support for drilling process;
  • be able to compile an optimal list of required GIS (geo-physical well logging) and prepare an  original geonavigation model;
  • be able to set up a joint operation of the software involved in geo-steering;
  • get a thorough understanding of the principles of constructing and interpreting the azimuthal data (including images);
  • master the modern geonavigation techniques and will know their strengths and weaknesses and the best application of each of them;
  • be able to conduct geosteering beginning from the initial stage to the process of the decisions effectiveness assessment;
  • have skills in operating all modules of Geonaft software.